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1) Dm Ancruem 
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Sunday, 13 January 2013 02:03 AM Write a comment

I brought in my first Strat (2008 Squier strat) to Keirn for a setup. I had never owned or played a strat before and I had no clue how things with it worked. All I knew was that it kept going out of tune when I used the whammy bar.

Keirn not only took great care in fixing the guitar, he also took the time to show me a thing or 5 about technique with the guitar. I have been able to apply that knowledge to my playing on all of my guitars but it made my Strat playing especially better.

Sadly, I had to sell that guitar. But I'm getting another Strat next week (2006 Mex Strat in Creamy White) so I'll be making a return trip soon!

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