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1) Mike Schirf 
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Saturday, 5 August 2017 09:52 PM Write a comment

If you play your instrument, over time it will require maintenance ... period. I've been playing a lot over the past couple of years, and my Martin GPCPA1, which is the best playing/sounding instrument I've owned in my ... more decades than I care to mention ... needed some work. Fret wear, fingerboard ... just not as nice to play as it once was. I dropped it off for Keirn to look and make his recommendation. We discussed a variety of options, from crowning the frets to re-fretting the first five. He's the pro. I told him to do whatever he thought was best.

I gave him carte blanche to do anything. I've worked with luthiers in the past who would take that literally, and immediately jump to the most expensive alternative. The difference here is trust in Keirn's integrity. He crowned the frets and leveled everything. It plays like a dream, and the bill was embarrassingly reasonable.

A craftsman with skill, knowledge, honesty and integrity is hard to find. Need guitar work? Look no further.
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