In Loving Memory of Peggy & James Hilleary






I know it's been a while since I have updated the webpage. Many are wondering if I am even still around? Yes, I am here . . .


Besides getting back my strength, I have been trying to make this smaller shop work. I am just in the final stages of completion of the new Spray Booth. Though not as large as the previous one in the other shop, it will do the job.


My hours are are going back to the 10AM - 6PM Tues - Sat. I will not hold to those hours exclusively for I might miss some of you nighttime commuters. That and the fact that, I now have only a Forty-Foot commute myself. Feel free to call ahead and I will make myself available after closing.


Thank you for your patience and I look forward to seeing you very soon!








We stock a number of original parts and accessories from several popular manufacturers.


If it's not currently in on-hand, we will be happy to order it for you. Some items may also be ordered and drop-shipped directly to your billing address. Contact us any time to inquire about current parts, their availability and shipping charges.


Choose from manufacturers such as, Fender®, Gibson®, Ibanez®, Seymour Duncan®, DiMarzio®, Dean Markley® Allparts and many more.




We offer a variety of repair services for most stringed instruments including electric and acoustic instruments, banjo and mandolin and more. Services include basic setup and restorations, custom wiring and parts fabrication.



Have an idea for a custom modification, something to make your instrument uniquely yours? Lucy Pick will fabricate parts for your instrument from a variety of materials. Each item is custom designed and hand-crafted to order.



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